Hair Salon in Serangoon Central

When you are looking for a hair salon in Serangoon Central, what you don’t perhaps expect to find is an award-winning salon with hairdressers who have trained internationally.

Neo Geo Hair Salon did use to be located in Raffles Place in the heart of the city. And that’s where you’d expect to find hairdressers of the calibre of Neo Geo Hair Salon founders Daniel Ng and Lois Chew.

This husband and wife duo has trained with the best – Vidal Sassoon and Alan International, to name but two. So what made them swap their city salon for their present hair salon in Serangoon Central?

What made you choose Serangoon Central when you could command much higher prices in the city?

Daniel: We’d not long had our children and looking after them was a challenge with a busy salon. We realised that we needed to put our focus and our priority on our children at the time. Of course we didn’t want to give up hairdressing. This has always been our passion, but we needed something closer to home. 

Why choose to set up a hair salon in Serangoon Central?

Lois: As Daniel mentioned, it was closer to home at the time, and obviously the rent was much lower than in the city so it was an easier business to manage while we had young children.

Daniel: Also we recognised that being able to bring our international skills to the heartlands would benefit the local community. Not everyone can afford to pay city prices to have their hair done. So we add value two ways: by delivering a quality service and city-standard hairdressing, yet at affordable prices.

Your children are grown now. What has made you stay?

Lois: We are so used to it here now. We’ve been here for so many years, we can’t imagine being anywhere else now. We have many loyal regular customers. They’ve become friends really. It’s enjoyable to catch up with them every time they come back. We wouldn’t get so much of that in a busy city salon. 

Daniel: We’ve just renewed our lease here as well, so we are here to stay for a while longer! It’s a pleasure to serve the Serangoon central community.