Korea Spasys Treatment

5 step Hair Treatment


Spasys healing shampoo creates healthier hair through damage repair and scalp scaling. no paraben and sodium chloride
-Prevents hair loss and improves dandruff care
-prevents discolouration
-removes alkali acid leftover from perm
-prevents damage from heat


Spasys Clinic Base neutral water protein clinic based on nutritional composition 3 in 1. Penetrates deeply into hair, strengthens the inner structure of damaged hair and prevents perm or colour from being hindered.
– Revitalising/Softening Supplemental Agent: The high quality revitalising/softening supplemental agents in product helps prevent perming or colouring agents penetrate when used on water repellent hair or hard to comb hair
-CMC/Hair improvement: nutritional composition with highly concentrate low, medium or high molecular keratin, collagen, amino acid, silk protein, ceramide, etc. filling up the damaged cortex layer completely and creating higher levels of elasticity, shine and moisture.
– Thermal Damage Protector: D-panthenol, vitamin B5 and phytantriol with high thermal protection prevents hair damage by other thermal tools


Spasys Keramino is made up of a combination of ingredients to combat severely damaged hair, contains high concentrated amino acid, keratin, PPT and collagen PPT and natural moisturising agent, artificial cuticle formation composite and thermal protective composite. may combine cortex tissue.
– improves hair elasticity: highly concentrated amino acid+ low, medium or high molecular keratin, PPT and collagen PPT to provide elasticity for severely damaged hair.


Spasys Equalising Mist Overall balance in the hair condition. activating a damage repair agent.
– maximises the ionic bonding between hair cells
– conditioning effect on hair pH with pH of 4.5
– deodorisation of perm and colouring substances after procedure
– peptide balance + ion balance + moisture and oil balance + pH balance

SPASYS CF (for normal to damaged hair)

Spasys Clinic Foundation repairs and regenerates hair by forming double cuticle film on hair.
– gives a smooth feel to hair by forming an artificial cuticle film
– maximises shine and softness when drying hair
– replenishes lost nutrients in hair.
– prevents heat damage

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