Lois Chew

Lois Chew is a professional, award-winning hair stylist and a London-trained hairdresser. Her passion for hairdressing was sparked by the movies. Lois was fascinated by the movie stars’ beautiful tresses as she was growing up. She wondered if she could ever be a professional hairdresser and style the stars.

Professional London-based training

As soon as she was able, Lois enrolled at The National Institute of Hairdressing and undertook various courses to gain skills in hair styling, cutting and colouring.

She met partner in crime and future husband Daniel Ng at the Institute, where he was training and instructing at the time. They both shared the same passions and dreams and, soon after getting married, they launched their own hair salon together, which is today Neo Geo Hair Salon.

Award-winning stylist

In partnership with Daniel, Lois has garnered many awards in her career including the prestigious Golden Scissors award, where she was crowned Grand Champion in the 11th Golden Scissors Awards. She also participated in and won in the Wella awards.

These accolades gained Lois a name in the industry and she soon found herself being invited to participate in many hair shows and to give seminars to train upcoming students in the industry.

A passion for fusion techniques

Always studying to improve her craft as trends ebb and wain, Lois today combines her London-based training with modern Japanese haircutting techniques to create fusion styles her clients love.